“Top Ten Questions You Should Ask” when a competitor wants you to switch.

Does the processor collect fees on a daily basis?

INDYHOST.NET uses simplified, all-inclusive monthly billing. That means that throughout the month, the full amount of your credit card batches will be deposited to your local bank account.

Will I be charged a lower rate on CHECK CARD transactions?

Many processors charge the same rate for both check and credit cards, even though check cards carry a lower rate from Visa and MasterCard. INDYHOST.NET is different. We typically have a lower rate on check card transactions for retail businesses, even without requiring a PIN.

Have you received all of the processor’s “Terms and Conditions?”

Watch out for hidden fees and termination clauses that could cost you money. Have them give you the 14 page Terms and Conditions Booklet, no excuses! Many processors do not disclose their “Terms and Conditions” until after you sign their agreement. INDYHOST.NET believes in full disclosure and provides you all information up front so there are no surprises!

Is the representative telling you that your equipment is obsolete?

Many processors will try to tell you that you must upgrade your equipment. This expense is seldom necessary. INDYHOST.NET works hard to keep your equipment current.

Is there a term contract with an early termination fee?

Many processors will quote you a very low rate to attract your business. But their long-term contract and hidden contract termination fees allow them to raise your rates and fees. INDYHOST.NET discloses all your contract obligations.

How do they price REWARD, KEY-ENTERED and CORPORATE cards?

Many processors move all of these types of transactions to a higher rate costing your business real money. Not INDYHOST.NET. Learn how we price these transactions to save you money!

What will my statement look like?

Always request a sample statement from your representative. INDYHOST.NET provides real value to our customers with a monthly merchant statement that is simple and easy-to-read.

When will I be billed for downgraded transactions?

“Back-billed” fees can be confusing, making it difficult to understand what you are paying. INDYHOST.NET bills all of your transactional and monthly fees into a collective, “current” month-end settlement at the end of each month. Easy!

Will a PIN pad save me money?

Many processors want to convince you that PIN pad saves you money. INDYHOST.NET wants you to know that Visa fees in many cases are the same whether using a PIN PAD or not.

Are other services being presented to me that I’m not sure I have with INDYHOST.NET?

INDYHOST.NET offers a wide range of payment services, including check guarantee and conversion, gift and loyalty, internet processing and API interfaces, PIN-based debit capability, mobile/wireless solutions, recurring payment and others. PLEASE, call our office for an evaluation of what the competitor is saying!